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Chandler Fashion Center
Grand Opening

Since the Apple Store didn't officially open until Saturday, October 20th, I was quite unsettled about the fact that the rest of the mall was opening the day before. I mean, why would Apple want to miss the mayhem of 120,000 people at the official grand opening of the entire mall? Worried that I might miss the onslaught, I took a trip on down to Chandler to check out Apple's new digs.

The new mall is impressive, but I didn't care for the 25 minute wait at the on-site McDonald's for a Big Mac without pickles. See, apparently McDonald's decided to hire a diverse array of knuckleheads which thought pickles looked like onions. Um, nevermind...

The entire search for the Apple Store's location was exhilarating. (Let's make that somewhat broiling. See, my wife and I had to park in a dirt field and make a half mile trek in 95 degree weather to the mall's entrance, but hey, it's a dry heat right?) Since I didn't follow the directions on Apple's website, all I knew is that it was on the lower level somewhere near Nordstroms. I was scrambling around the upper level looking for an escalator, when out of the corner of my eye I beheld a pair of glowing Apples. The store was indeed closed, with a large sign just to the right of the entrance that said the Apple Store will open on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. The entire front of the store was covered with rolls of thick paper, certainly not allowing any glimpse into the store. Only the various Mac OS X screen shots could be seen in the windows. After mulling over my discovery, I headed on down to the lower level for a closer look. Although they had the main gate closing the entrance, it was made of a fine steel mesh. Upon closer inspection, I noticed I could actually see the going-ons in the store. Other than the oodles of iMacs, iBooks, PowerBooks and PowerMacs neatly displayed in the Gap-flavored store, there was quite a bit of work which needed to be done. There was electricians feverishly completing their work, janitors with large vacuums scuttering about, and employees going through the final rigor of training.

Apparently everything was a go. The store opened at a sharp 10:00 a.m. The rest, well, is now part of Apple's history.